Why Be Catholic? (MPEG Video)

In one of his most popular talks, Patrick Madrid offers an overview of the key historical, biblical, and common-sense reasons for being Catholic. Perfect for Catholics and curious non-Catholics alike.

Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of one 1-hour video DVD

Price: $3.89


One Response to “Why Be Catholic? (MPEG Video)”
  1. Joyce Goodell says:

    Just listened to the “Why Be Catholic” CD…. so much info…makes me want to learn more on how to answer questions put to me by non-Catholics… Also want to learn how to talk to my daughter who just moved away fro the Cath Church. I cried when listening to your mission statement… but havn’t found it on the Website…Could you help me. How do I sign up for the CD of the month club.?? Joyce

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