What Still Divides Us? Debate MP3

A high-powered Catholic/Protestant debate

A high-powered Catholic/Protestant debate!

Patrick Madrid et al. versus Michael Horton, et al.

Patrick Madrid leads a team of three Catholic apologists, including Dr. William Marshner, against a three-man team of Protestant apologists: Dr. Robert Godfrey (Calvinist; president of Westminster Seminary California), Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (Lutheran; professor of theology, Scripture, and apologetics at Concordia University), and Dr. Michael Horton (Reformed Episcopalian; author and host of “The White Horse Inn” radio show).

The first day of debate (over three hours) was on the question of sola Scriptura (Latin: by Scripture alone). The Protestant side defended this Reformation principle, arguing for the notion of the formal sufficiency of Scripture.

The Catholic team countered with a biblical and historical critique of sola Scriptura, arguing that “Scripture alone” is itself unbiblical and alien to historic Christianity; it is not what Christ or the Apostles taught, it was not believed or taught by the early Church, and it has wrought incalculable theological damage and division within Protestantism over the last 500 years.

The second day of debate focused on the Reformation principle of sola fide (Latin: [justification] by faith alone). Again, the Protestant team argued from Scripture in an effort to demonstrate that Christians are justified forensically, by faith alone, and that the Catholic teaching on justification and salvation is unbiblical.

The Catholic team offered a robust critique of sola fide, aiming to show, from Scripture and the testimony of the early Church Fathers, that this pivotal Reformation principle is, in fact, founded upon an erroneous understanding of Scripture and is, therefore, alien to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Powerful, dramatic, challenging, and grace-filled! A serious debate for all serious students of Catholic apologetics.

Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of eight 60-minute CDs

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3 Responses to “What Still Divides Us? Debate MP3”
  1. Jocelyn Choinacki says:

    Please tell me how I can get a copy of this debate not a digital download but on a CD or DVD version, preferably on a DVD version. Kindly email me as soon as possible.



  2. Rob Sardegna says:


    How can I get a CD or DVD version of this?!

  3. Morrie Chamberlain says:

    Chilling that in the opening comments in explaining division among the protestants the Protestant speaker said this was a good thing! It is not a surprise! it is the way we know who is right! This was not what Jesus prayed for in the garden the night before his crucifixion. he prayed for unity!

    I am so glad I bought this. i have not even listened to a Catholic yet but i now know even clearer how protestants think. The opening speaker says he does not want to use debating tricks but he insists on using the term Roman over and over. With all of the anti Catholic schooling among protestants this serves to appeal to their hatred of Catholics. Sad.

    He brings up the Bereans. What if the Bereans had not agreed with the gospel after searching the scripture? Their interpretation would not have been correct but who would have the authority to dispute it?

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