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Surprised by Life

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Scripture and Tradition in the Church

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On a Mission:
Lessons from
St. Francis de Sales

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Why Be Catholic?
10 Answers to a Very Important Question

Price: $21.99

Envoy for Christ:
25 Years as a Catholic Apologist

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A Year With the Bible: Scriptural Wisdom for Daily Living

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Surprised by Truth 3

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Persecution of the Church (MP3)

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“Speak the Truth in Love” Apologetics

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“Meek & Humble of Heart” Apologetics MP3

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Where Is That
in the Bible?

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Answer Me This

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Pope Fiction:
Answers to 30 Myths

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Persecution of the Church (MP4 Video)

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The Fathers Know
Best (DVD)

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How to Do Apologetics (MP4 Video)

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Why Be Catholic? (MPEG Video)

Price: $3.89

“Meek & Humble of Heart” Apologetics

Price: $19.99

Persecution of the Church in Mexico

Price: $19.99

“Search the Scriptures” Debate

Price: $29.99

“Hold Fast to the Traditions” Debate

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The “Bible Only?” Debate

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Price: $69.99

Communion of Saints Debate

Price: $24.99

Celibacy and the Priesthood

Price: $19.99

Always Be Ready to Give a Defense

Price: $59.99

“What Still Divides Us?” Debate

Price: $49.99

150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know

Price: $14.99

Surprised by Truth 2

Price: $19.99

Surprised by Truth

Price: $19.99

Search and Rescue

Price: $19.99