“Search the Scriptures” Debate MP3

A Catholic/Protestant Debate

Patrick Madrid vs. Dr. Rowland Ward

Topic One: “Sola Scriptura — Is the Bible Formally Sufficient as the  Rule of Faith?”

Topic Two: “Salvation and Justification — What Must We Do (if Anything) To Be Saved?”

This exciting and informative debate took place in 1996 before an audience of approximately 300 Catholics and Protestants in Melbourne, Australia during one of Patrick Madrid’s speaking visits to that country. Dr. Rowland Ward is a Reformed Protestant minister and theologian, an author, and is active in apologetics.

The themes of the debate, authority and salvation, are at the core of the controversy between Catholics and Protestants, and in this exchange you’ll learn how Catholics can respond with Scripture to the standard arguments that are often posed by Protestants. Dr. Ward was an articulate debater and gave a helpful explanation of Reformed Protestant views on these two key issues.  Patrick Madrid shows how to respond, gently but firmly, using the Bible, when sharing the Catholic teaching on these subjects with Protestants. Riveting!

Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of four 60-minute CDs

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One Response to ““Search the Scriptures” Debate MP3”
  1. Caroline Roddy says:

    Hi Patrick, How do I explain what God means about Soul and Spirit and back it up with Bible quotes. I am roman Catholic and he has joined the Born again Christian and I do not agree with the brain washing aguement that another born again christian is filling my brother’s head with. Please help me give the correct answer. I am sure there more people like me and I would appreciate if you could answer this on EWTN. I would the way you explain the bible. Thanks for your help in advance. Caroline Roddy Ireland

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