Radio Apologetics

Featuring Patrick Madrid

In each of these live, call-in radio shows, Patrick explains issues pertaining to the Catholic Church — what it teaches and why, where its teachings can be found in the Bible, and what the evidence of Christian history tells us about the origins and doctrines of the Catholic Church.
This audio series provides you with a slew practical, useful advice in each show on how you can better live out your faith in Christ and how you can explain your Catholic beliefs more intelligently, defend them more charitably, and share them more effectively with those around you. Patrick shows you — on these live, national call-in radio shows — how to be an apostle for Christ without losing your cool or getting flustered, even when challenged by aggressive non-Catholics. This is an excellent resource for personal or group study or to make your daily commute more spiritually productive. You’ll learn from this veteran apologist how you can more confidently bring Christ to the World!
6-CD audio set
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