“I Escaped From the Watchtower” MP3

If you or someone you know are having discussions with Jehovah’s Witnesses, you need to listen to this comprehensive, detailed, and riveting 4-hour discussion of JW doctrines and practices between Catholic author Patrick Madrid and former Jehovah’s Witness circuit overseer Leonard Chretien, author of the best-selling book Witness of Jehova: A Shocking Exposé of What Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Believe.

In the course of this wide-ranging and fascinating conversation, Patrick and Leonard not only explain in detail the peculiar beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (e.g., soul sleep, prohibiting blood transfusions, their denial of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ, their refusal to celebrate holidays, their insistence that “Jehovah” is God’s true name, their belief that the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, and all Protestant groups are “satanic”), but they also reveal the specific techniques and strategies JW’s make use of in their door-to-door efforts to make converts. Leonard Chretien’s decades of experience as a committed JW give him a unique and compelling perspective on what the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society believes and practices and, since his departure from the Watchtower and conversion to Christianity, he seeks to equip Catholics and others to be prepared for discussions with representatives of the Watchtower.

In addition to a critical examination of Watchtower doctrines, Patrick and Leonard also discuss in detail the many false prophecies of this organization has repeatedly issued. The explosive content of this digital download will mesmerize and energize you and, most importantly, prepare you for encounters with Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you have a friend or a family member  who has become ensnared by Jehovah’s Witnesses, this powerful audio series can help you help them escape from the Watchtower.

Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of four 60-minute audio CDs

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3 Responses to ““I Escaped From the Watchtower” MP3”
  1. Carolina R Valdez says:

    Wow I am so excited to listen to this! I am a convert and I am happy that this i out there for folks trying to get out of the JW Organization. It is very hard. Even though now I am a Catholic as of 2010, I still have some tendancies and even thoughts like a JW…It is difficult but not impossible to break from those old ways of thinkinkg…Please continue to pray for the conversion of our seperated brothers and sisters whom have been misguided.

  2. Macy Ruiz says:

    Great topic, I am a proud Catholic, born and raised, who was thought by example of my grandmother of how to love the Church, Mary and above all things, God.
    I have a brother who emigrated at young age to USA, and now he says he is a JW; when we talk, our conversations usually go towards religion, and always remind him of the teachings that we received from our grandmother who is already in Heaven with the Lord.
    I noticed that he is not willing to listen, when he ask me anything, I always say to him, are you really looking for the truth?, and sometimes he says to me, I already found the truth; of course the conversation does not end there, because I love the Church, and I by the teachings I received I feel very compel to answer anything to him, unfortunaly sometimes I feel that he feels attacked by me when I mentioned things about JW Organization, which he is not willing to accept. I usually hung up the phone and pray for him. He always sounds so blinded, not willing to listen or change. Thank you for you hard work.

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