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A Catholic/Protestant Debate
Patrick Madrid vs. James White
Yes, this is that debate you’ve been hearing about, a classic you won’t want to miss. Patrick Madrid debates James White on the question “Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura?” This debate is one of our all-time most popular resources — a hard-hitting, penetrating exchange on the central slogan of the Protestant Reformation. In this no-holds barred debate, the Protestant apologist makes his case for why he feels Christians should view the Bible as the sole infallible rule of faith for Christians. Patrick Madrid presents a Catholic critique of those arguments and shows that the Bible nowhere teaches the notion of  the formal sufficiency of Scripture.
Great to listen to and study with your Catholic apologetics group. This debate is a “barn-burner”! Regarded by many as their all-time favorite Catholic/Protestant debate on the important subject of sola Scriptura (Latin: by Scripture alone).
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Free! Read Patrick’s follow-up article about this debate: “The White Man’s Burden.”

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3 Responses to “Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura? MP3”
  1. Gerald T says:

    This has certainly been an interesting download for me. I have also recently downloaded the Radio Apologetics “debate”, and the bible only debate with Karl Keating, Ron Nemec, and Bill Jackson. Mr. White has clearly put up the best defense of sola scriptura yet, but even his efforts fall desperately short.
    A bit of disclosure, I am a Catholic (became Catholic as an adult, was non-religious prior) who set out on a quest (quite by accident) several years ago to see where the evidence for and against God/Christianity would lead me. The search has currently led me to the Catholic/Protestant apologetics debate (I was shocked to initially discover what Protestants think of Catholics). The more I search, the deeper I am drawn to the truth of the Catholic Church.

    I have listened to this debate several times as well as the other two mentioned above but this debate with James White has been the most enlightening and entertaining.
    After my initial listening, there was too much theology to absorb in one sitting but I still came away with a gut feeling that, in spite of Mr. White’s substantial debating skills, the Protestant argument was all smoke and mirrors. Nonetheless, in fairness to him I listened again and again, trying to give his arguments fair consideration. Unfortunately, the more I listened, the more gaping holes appeared in his arguments until I was left with a piece of Swiss Cheese. Every new listening uncovers another faulty argument or fallacy of logic.

    It is quite a revelation to discover that the best the Protestant position has is II Timothy 3:15-17. In short they have nothing; sola scriptura is a red herring. It is quite painful to listen to Mr. White tortuously twist and turn those words/verses to mean what he wants them to mean. One is left with the clear impression that Protestants “want” so badly for II Timothy 3:15-17 to mean sola scriptura that they are smitten with cognitive dissonance. The attempt to wring sola scriptura out of the passage is so untenable, Protestant apologists have to resort to bicycle store analogies and complex circular logic to arrive at their destination, while verses such as James 2:24, I Tim 3:15, and Matt 16:18,19 need no convoluted analogies or etymological gymnastics – their meanings are so eminently clear they simply lay bare on the surface for all to see.
    The sheer weight of the clear biblical verses, writings of the Church fathers, and centuries of tradition (from the very beginning) in support of the Catholic Church literally decimate sola scriptura.
    Additionally, it is disheartening to listen to Protestants continually use subtle ad hominem arguments against the Church when they ever so subtly refer to “Rome” with that slight inflection of disgust in their voices. Arguments ad hominem always have and always will be invalid uses of rhetoric and Mr. White should know better.
    It is beyond me how Protestantism has lasted five centuries, but is is also obvious why so many Protestants are seeing the light and returning to the beauty of God’s true church.
    This download was the best $9 I’ve spent in a long long time. Patrick, I’d say the Protestant apologists must tremble when they are facing you.

  2. M.I.G. III says:

    Patrick, this debate wasn’t even fair. You totally destroyed James White and made him look like an 60 year old pre-kinder student on his first day instead of a so called Doctor in Calvanism or whatever cult or sect he belongs too. I think this debate probably took a lot out of him. It’s like you were fishing with dynamite and James White was the trout in a 2 inch stream that was only 6 inches wide. I have never seen such an embarrassing defeat of a man who in my opinion is no different than a Mormon or Jehova’s Witness or Scientologist. He was mediocre at best in his responses…or lack of responses!

    If you guys were a war, you would be the U.S. and he would be Hitler in the bunker or Japan. If you guys were a World Cup 2014 match, you would be Germany and he would be Brazil (minus the 1 point). You were Rambo and he was the Viet Cong. He sank worse than the Titanic and Patrick Madrid was the ice berg.

    You were excellent as always sir. Congratulations and will continue to buy your downloads, listen to your show and read your awesome books.

  3. Felipe says:

    I have heard you mentioning it at Catholic answer and I have just finished to listen to it and it is amazing how it develops and also sad how this man James White does not know how to reply and keep blind on it.

    God Bless you all!

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