Surprised by Life

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COMING SOON! Copies (signed by Patrick Madrid) should ship in early May, 2017.

A quarter century and half a million copies later (including foreign and foreign-language editions), this is the fourth volume in the celebrated “Surprised By” series of books by Patrick Madrid — Surprised by Life.

Here are ten new personal testimonies that go beyond scriptural, historical, and doctrinal apologetics and deep into the tumultuous territory of life issues, including the tragic and sudden loss of a young-adult child, the pain of miscarriage, abortion, contraception, hedonism, promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, and even prostitution. None of these testimonies of God’s forgiveness and healing love are titillating or salacious, but all are raw and honest, in ways reminiscent of St. Augustine’s raw and honest, but never titillating, Confessions.

Each of these testimonies brims with the real-life life issues faced today by many folks, including persons we love and even those in our families.

— Introduction, Patrick Madrid
— Aunt Amy Saves My Baby, Heather Schieder
— Call Girl to Catholic, AnneMarie Schreiber
— Abortion to Adoration, Jewels Green 
— A Texas Baptist Meets the Good Shepherd in Rome, Leticia Ochoa Adams
— Fr. Ryan and the Women’s Clinic, Leila Miller 
— From One Holocaust to Another, Chris Aubert 
— Little Miracles Leading from Death to Life, Doreen Campbell
— Goodbye, Contraception; Hello, NFP!, Shaun and Jessica McAfee 
— Bye, Bye, Boys and Booze, Shalimar Masters 
— Painful Lessons of the Heart, Lisa Duffy 

Scripture and Tradition in the Church

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Temporarily out of print!

HARDCOVER, 268 pages, index of subjects, index of Scripture passages

As a theological peritus (expert) at the Second Vatican Council, Yves Congar, O.P. exerted a profound influence on the Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum. Congar’s widely lauded contribution to Dei Verbum was the culmination of his decades of sustained scholarship, deeply exploring Sacred Tradition and its relationship to Scripture and the Church.

His adroit and penetrating research into the testimony of the Fathers and medieval doctors yielded a remarkable abundance of rich, compelling data that enabled him to formulate what he saw as a viable solution to the twin “problems” of sola Scriptura and Tradition — the former is problematic for Catholics, while the latter is problematic for Protestants.

This book explores Congar’s understanding of the concept of the material sufficiency of Scripture and its relationship to Sacred Tradition, as well as his critique of the Protestant principle of sola Scriptura and its inherent assertion that Scripture is formally, not just materially, sufficient.

— Patrick Madrid, from the introduction

“In this book, Patrick Madrid makes an an important contribution to the Catholic-Protestant dialogue on the important but complex issue of the relationship between the unique authority of Sacred Scripture and the Church’s living tradition. In particular, Scripture and Tradition in the Church will re-invigorate awareness and appreciation of the influential role played by Yves Congar in twentieth century Catholic theology
and ecumenism, especially his understanding of divine revelation. Clearly written and carefully researched, Madrid strikes a tone that is irenic and constructive, not polemical or apologetic.”

— Scott Hahn, Ph.D., Fr. Michael Scanlan Chair of Biblical
Theology and the New Evangelization (Franciscan University of Steubenville);
Founder and President, St. Paul Center of Biblical Theology.

“Patrick Madrid’s appraisal of Yves Congar’s contribution to the discussion of the relationship between Scripture and Tradition is most timely in the year that witnessed the canonizations of both Pope John XXIII, who called the Dominican friar to the Second Vatican Council as a peritus, and Pope John Paul II, who named him a Cardinal. Madrid’s irenic work serves as a demonstration, moreover, of his own ardent desire for a restoration of Christian unity through authentic ecumenism. This is an important book for all who love Scripture, Catholics and Protestants alike, and an insightful invitation to Christian dialogue.”

— Sebastian Mahfood, OP, Ph.D., professor of theology, Holy Apostles College and Seminary


“The relationship between Scripture, Tradition, Revelation and authority is a tangled question in dispute between Catholics and Protestants. Patrick Madrid’s scholarly book analyzes this question thoroughly, with the help of the best insights offered by Yves Congar O.P. in the 20th century. These are ongoing and important questions, intelligently articulated by a Catholic mind well-trained through engagement in
modern apologetics.”

—Rev. Peter Joseph, S.T.D., editor, Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine 

On a Mission:
Lessons from
St. Francis de Sales

By Patrick Madrid

In this book, Patrick Madrid uses the example of St. Francis de Sales to illustrate the zeal, spiritual principles, and attitude of one who sets out to live and share the faith. Christ sent his apostles into the whole world to make disciples of all nations, and by virtue of our baptism, we, too, are called to be apostles on this same mission. But how do we start? How can we accomplish in today s culture? In this book, Patrick shares his own time-tested methodology for teaching Catholics how to prepare themselves to:

  • Explain their faith more intelligently
  • Defend it more charitably
  • Share it more effectively

His methodology, derived from nearly 30 years working in the field of apologetics, involves both practical techniques and theological truths revealed to us in Scripture and exemplified in the lives of the saints. It includes emulating the apologetics techniques of the original apostles, as well as the Fathers and Doctors of the Church in ensuing centuries. More importantly, it details the sanctifying process of cooperating with God s grace as he lovingly forms an apostolic heart for others within each of us.

Why Be Catholic?
10 Answers to a Very Important Question

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By Patrick Madrid

In this intriguing tour of the Catholic Church’s stunning history and traditions, Patrick Madrid draws upon his own experiences growing up Catholic in 1960s & 1970s California to his life’s work as an author, theology professor, and radio host, offering an insightful, deeply personal, scripturally based testament to Catholicism.

Why Be Catholic? celebrates the 2,000-year history of the Catholic Church and explores the foundations of its most notable—and sometimes controversial—teachings. His frank, fascinating, and often humorous narrative dispels misconceptions about the Holy Eucharist, tells the true story of his miracle encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary, and pays homage to the profound (and sometimes colorful) history of the papacy.

Examining the Catholic Church’s seven sacraments, many martyrs, and countless charities, Madrid offers more than just a guide for happiness and better living, in Why Be Catholic? he makes a compelling case for why everyone should be Catholic — including you.





Envoy for Christ:
25 Years as a Catholic Apologist

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By Patrick Madrid

For the past twenty-five years, Patrick Madrid has explained and defended the Catholic Faith worldwide. Envoy for Christ is a fascinating look inside the world of Catholic apologetics from his vantage point on the front lines. More than just a memoir, this book presents a selection of 25 years-worth of  his articles and essays on a variety of topics, from comparative religions (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Protestantism, Mormonism, Hinduism, etc.), to all things Catholic.

Patrick provides insights into how his own thinking as a Catholic and an apologist and teacher of the Faith has deepened and matured over the years. Replete with many of his engaging and sometimes humorous “man on the street” observations, this book is a legacy of Patrick Madrid’s far-reaching public efforts to explain, share, and defend Christianity and the Catholic Faith.

(Also available as a Book on CD, read by the author)

Watch the video:

A Year With the Bible: Scriptural Wisdom for Daily Living

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By Patrick Madrid

Discover the majesty and power of scripture in A Year with the Bible: Scriptural Wisdom for Daily Living.

Beautifully bound and embossed, this daily devotional offers rich passages from the Bible accompanied by thoughtful meditations composed by author Patrick Madrid.

This vibrant and spiritual collection is the perfect daily companion, packed with the wisdom of the Scriptures; the Word of God.

A Year with the Bible is a worthy introduction to Scripture, a daily devotional, a tool for deeper prayer, this book is as versatile as it is beautiful.

Premium Ultrasoft with two-tone sewn binding, ribbon marker and gold edges.

Surprised by Truth 3

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Edited and co-authored by Patrick Madrid

Ten more former Protestants tell why they converted to the Catholic Church! In these dramatic and thought-provoking testimonies, ten men and women reveal why they changed their minds about Protestantism and entered the Catholic Church.

These life-changing stories will do for you what these converts had to do for themselves: answer the most common objections to the Catholic Faith — and answer them in terms that non-Catholics find familiar and easy to understand.

These stories will remind you of the critical truth that all converts know but most others forget: churches must not be judged by the weakness of their members, but by the truth of what they teach.

The closer these former Protestants looked at Catholicism, the more they found that Christ’s truth is taught in its fullness only in the Catholic Church. No wonder this book is a convert maker.

But these stories do more than make converts. If you’re already Catholic, they help you explain your Faith to non-Catholics and leave you prouder and more grateful than ever to be in Christ’s Church.

So whether you’re Catholic or just inquiring, Surprised by Truth 3 is the book for you!

260 pages, softcover


“A superb collection of personal conversion stories, —interesting, informative, and inspiring!” — Bert Ghezzi, author of Mystics and Miracles & Voices of the Saints.

“Pat has done it again! Ten more equally compelling, inspiring and intellectually sound stories of conversion.” — Marcus C. Grodi, President of the Coming Home Network

“The Catholic Church continues to call men and women home! You’ll find the reasons why in Surprised by Truth 3.” — Paul Thigpen, Ph.D., editor, Shaken by Scandals: Catholics Speak Out About Priests’ Sexual Abuse.

“You need to read this book!” –Curtis Martin— Founder & President of FOCUS — Fellowship of Catholic University Students

Persecution of the Church (MP3)

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By Patrick Madrid

This 1-hour presentation, which Marcus Grodi described as “One of the most sobering talks I have ever heard,” Patrick Madrid explores the roots of the persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico. A vivid and heartwrenching historical overview of the vicious and bloody persecutions inflicted on Catholics in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s, this talk examines how many of the same elements of that persecution against Catholics in Mexico can be seen gathering ominously again today. An important message for all Catholics to hear and heed. This riveting talk was delivered by Patrick Madrid at the 2008 “Deep in History” Conference in Columbus, Ohio, before an audience of approximately 800.

“Speak the Truth in Love” Apologetics

By Patrick Madrid

Defending the Faith takes charity and patience! Learn how to keep your cool even when others don’t.

Veteran Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid leads you through a practical and illuminating introduction to the do’s and don’ts of explaining and defending your Faith. Learn how to use Scripture and the facts of history to demonstrate the truth of Catholic teaching! This fast-paced series of workshops was conducted at a Catholic parish in Lafayette, Louisiana before a packed audience of several hundred. This extensive audio series will help you explain your Catholic beliefs more intelligently, defend them more charitably, and share them more effectively! Perfect for your daily commute, personal study, or for small-group study circles.

Topics: A multi-part crash course in the art of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.

This MP3 digital download is the equivalent of 6 audio CDs.

“Meek & Humble of Heart” Apologetics MP3

By Patrick Madrid

Delivered to a capacity audience of 1,800 people at Franciscan University of Steubenville’s “Defending the Faith” conference, this 1-hour message (professionally recorded and produced in audio and video formats )covers the basics of how to engage in apologetics in a manner that conforms to St. Peter’s admonition: “Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you, but do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15-16). Patrick draws upon his nearly quarter-century of frontline apologetics experience as he shares the do’s and don’ts of effective, charitable apologetics. Perfect for group or individual study.

Approximately 1 hour digital audio


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