Apologetics Workshop

By Patrick Madrid

Learn how you can explain and defend the Catholic Faith on issues as diverse as the Papacy, the Sacraments, Mary and the Saints, moral issues, Tradition, and the Church. Each session is packed with biblical and historical facts and evidence supporting Catholic teaching. The lively openforum question-&-answer with the audience gives you excellent insights into how you can better explain, defend, and share your Catholic Faith with others, especially when you encounter difficult questions.

This digital download is the equivalent of 4 audio CDs


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Price: $4.89


One Response to “Apologetics Workshop
  1. nick armas says:

    Dear Patrick Madrid, I enjoy listening to your question and answer station after work. Recently, a Jehovas Witness convert has been asking this same question to us Catholics. What is God’s name? How would you answer?

    I’ve been called by God to serve him as a teacher of his Word. I’m serving the Lord by doing his will through Prison Minisstry. Please pray for me to continue in his will.

    God bless.

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