Any Friend of God’s
Is a Friend of Mine

By Patrick Madrid

One of the best-ever explanations of the Catholic doctrine of the communion of saints written for a popular audience. Patrick Madrid explains in a clear, easy-to-follow style why Catholics pray to and honor Mary and the saints. Using the Bible and the testimony of the early Church Fathers, he provides a concise overview of the biblical and historical foundations of this often misunderstood Catholic doctrine. He also walks you through the standard anti-Catholic arguments against praying to Mary and the saints and demonstrates from the Bible why these arguments are themselves unbiblical.


1. What Is the Communion of Saints?

2. Classical Protestant Objections

3. “Me and Jesus” Christianity Isn’t Biblical

4. The “One Mediator” Argument and other Objections

5. Praying for the Souls in Purgatory

6. The Testimony of the Early Church

7. The Veneration of Relics

8. Statues and Images

9. Does Honoring Mary and the Saints Offend God?

Appendix: The Council of Trent’s Decree on the Saints and Their Images

122 pages, soft cover

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One Response to “Any Friend of God’s
Is a Friend of Mine”
  1. Great book. I read it within the first year after my confirmation and conversion to Catholocism in 2006. It contained many things I needed to hear that I had never learned before. I also wasn’t aware of such adversity in the Protestant community over Mother Mary. I pray that all those souls may open their eyes and hearts to the LIVING TRUTH about Jesus, the Immaculate Conception, and the Communion of Saints. I just realized in a group that I made comments in, that there is no sense in arguing with the people that don’t believe in write about within this book, that I must pray without ceasing for them. Thank you for writing such a controversial and much needed book.

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